classic mexican blanket
Mexican Blankets

Stylish Mexican Blankets Are Great For Home Decor

  There are different names for . Some call them Sarape while others use terms such as Serapes or sometimes Saltillo. The occurrence of different names is because of the many regions involved in the production of these beautiful blankets. It is easy to identify them. In most cases you will find bright colored patterns […]

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Classic Mexican El Paso Peyote Hippie Blanket
Mecican San Marcos Blankets

Classic Mexican El Paso Peyote Hippie Blanket With Falsa Stripe Patterns Is Ideal For Yoga-Tapestry-Throw Or Bed Blanket -57″ x 74″

  They are colorful bright and unique. The patterns of this classic El Paso Mexican blanket are made to impress. The Peyote hippie blanket is versatile in nature. The uses include yoga exercises, throw blankets, tapestry or as a simple bed blanket. The designs stems from classical Mexican art works and possesses an instant appeal. […]

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