Thick Raschel Printed Single Ply Heavy Korean Mink Blanket In Various Shades – Warmth And Aesthetics Combined


Warmth is a necessity and the combination with aesthetics makes it a delight for any home. This heavy raschel printed Korean mink blanket is thick even with the single ply option. Hence, the question of warmth takes care of itself. The raschel printed design adds to the home decor part. In fact, if you simply place it as a bed cover the overall ambience of the room improves considerably.

It is 9lbs in weight with a tight weaving structure. A high level of air holding capacity ensures that the warmth remains held up inside for a longer duration. This surely helps in improving the sleep quality. In fact, it is the softness along with the warmth that highlights Korean mink blankets.

The size is 85″X95″ which is aqdequate for the king or the queen size bed. The embossing technology gives a three dimensional sense and the brilliant color provides a luxurious appearance.

The blanket presents a highly integrated outlook with neat stitches and good rhobust connections at seams. This one is surely in the zone to quality as a winter gift option.

Another good point is that you do not have to deal with wrinkles. Some might appear at start but will go soon after regular usage.

Beddings in modern homes are not just for winter coziness but also act as pivotal elements in home decor. Choosing a good quality option can surely bring in some great vibes!