Classic Mexican El Paso Peyote Hippie Blanket
Mecican San Marcos Blankets

Classic Mexican El Paso Peyote Hippie Blanket With Falsa Stripe Patterns Is Ideal For Yoga-Tapestry-Throw Or Bed Blanket -57″ x 74″

June 22, 2017

Classic Mexican El Paso Peyote Hippie Blanket


They are colorful bright and unique. The patterns of this classic El Paso Mexican blanket are made to impress. The Peyote hippie blanket is versatile in nature. The uses include yoga exercises, throw blankets, tapestry or as a simple bed blanket. The designs stems from classical Mexican art works and possesses an instant appeal. The availability is certainly dependent on seasons as well as demand. If you ask about the best places for procurement both street sellers an online shops offer great combinations.

Mexican San Marcos blankets find mass appeal this season

It looks a lot like word of mouth publicity kind of affair. The Latino households are well aware of these beauties. The other part of the world is slowly gaining this reality. The arrival of online markets has definitely helped the entire process. You can now find even the wholesale varieties at retail rates.

Some of the famous prints include the Aztec warrior and tiger designs. While these may be limited to indoor decorations, the  striped hippie patterns are more suited for outdoor activities.

There is a lot of old school nostalgia associated with this art form. It is more of South American in nature but those in search for creative home decor show keen interest in this segment.

Even without the knowledge of history and culture, you can simply admire the beauty of these blankets. A simple colorful piece has the power to change the attire without any other customization. The color combinations are extremely unique and many users express great admiration for the designs.