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San Marcos Blankets

Fashionable San Marcos Mexican Blankets Offer Beautiful Combinations For Any Interior Decoration Plan

July 16, 2017


There is a lot of history behind San Marcos blankets which are today in great demand for beautiful home fashion combinations. Locals in Mexico tell numerous stories about the production of these blankets in olden days, wherein strong dyes and Churro sheep wool was used extensively. The most important ingredient for this design is the bright colorful stripes. You can almost instantly recognize a great design from this perspective.

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At first the use was more of a mat but the popularity soon grow to an extent where both men and women started using them as personal accessories. Some homes also used them for partitioning large rooms.

The modern interior design industry considers san marcos blankets as a decoration accessory and in some cases as outer blankets. You will find many places where these serve as bed covers, wall hangings, table cloths etc. Their advantage is the presence of several unique color combinations and an instant visual appeal. Owing to this they are considered by many as excellent gift options. Another traditional name for the accessory is serapes.

The highlight of the serapes is the presence of a dominating stripe across the blanket that combines with different colors. The pattern is such that colors are always complimenting each other. Thus, there is a unique blend of the primary with shade with other supporting shades of stripes.

Some people also have the habit of collecting vintage Mexican blankets. It is literally a great investment. People who customize garments may use the base material for anything exquisite. What you have is not just blankets but rather great home decor material. Any modern day home decoration plan should include the best pieces from the Mexican collection.

Mexican San Marcos blankets Offer Versatility

As mentioned before they are also known as serape blankets and are extensively used in home decoration activities. There are literally endless items that you can manufacture with San Marcos blankets.

If you are looking to throw a Mexican-style party this summer this item is a must have in your home. The buffet table will certainly get more interesting if you have a nicely styled Mexican design table cover. It is for this reason that all Mexican restaurants generally have these blankets covering their tables. It just adds so much extra amount of flair to the overall setting.

It is not so difficult to make your living area happy and bright with the vibrant colors.

Many happy home owners have revamped their boring houses using colourful fabrics as curtains. You can creatively redesigned your room chairs without having to buy an extra set everytime. Cushions are another area where you can have a dash of style.

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You don’t have to spend hours on those expensive car accessories. You can use these blankets for creating custom car seat covers. They look beautiful and at the same time protect your interiors from unnecessary damage.