Korean Mink Heavy Fleece Blanket Offer Vivid Designs And Eye Catching Prints


The patterns are almost endless and the designs keep touching the new highs of each year. Korean mink blankets are staple items in most modern homes. More than the warmth and comfort that you obviously are looking for, the prints ensure an upscale bonanza of fashion friendliness. 

If you are looking for an extra dash of creativity in your room mink blankets with vivid color prints are the “go to” items in the list. The one sentiment that most buyers echo is that it is hard to go wrong on the choice. The fine lines simply do not exist. Yes, you need to match the room interiors but the Korean styles seem to blend passionately with the interiors resulting in combinations that leave a satisfying emotion. 

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Why Korean Mink Fleece blankets are in trend? 


Let us dive into some of the possible reasons behind the meteoric rise of the warm soft fabric. 

First and foremost is the warmth and comfort factor. No use buying a blanket when you are not happy with the fundamental function.

The secret is simple; ultra-soft crystal velvet fabrics. The resultant heat retention is significantly higher compared to the normal 1 ply blanket. The 2-ply system implies that the blanket holds more air and hence the warmth continues for a longer duration. 

The extra air brings in another advantage; breathability. You will not feel that stuffed feeling with temperature variations.  

The second point, in my view, is that you can use both the sides. A blanket that is reversible is like having two options in one.

Excellent for home decor and comfort


My first reason for opting it was adding a bit of color to the house interior. The best part is that it is easy to do so. Yes, the primary function is to provide warmth but blankets offer so much space for creativity!